5/24/2015 BTE Radio’s Creature Features welcomes Lyle Blackburn

Posted by beyondtheedge on Tuesday, 2 of June , 2015 at 2:29 am


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5/17/2015 The Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony

Posted by beyondtheedge on Tuesday, 19 of May , 2015 at 2:35 am

In the first part of the show we have some exciting announcements and welcome back Shawn and Marianne Donley of Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and Panic’D with our next segment of “The Haunted Spotlight!”

At 8:30, Eric and Marie are excited to welcome “The Psychic Lawyer” Mark Anthony to the program to talk with Mark about his best selling latest book “Evidence of Eternity.” Between 9 and 9:30 pm Est, Mark has agreed to give mini-readings and we will limit the readings to one question per caller.

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® is the author of the best-sellers Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go. He is a world-renowned fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. Mark is an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. and before the United States Supreme Court. In England he studied Mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science. Mark is featured regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Television and on major talk radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio, and Sirius XM as a psychic medium, paranormal expert and legal analyst in high profile murder cases. He is a featured speaker at conventions, expos and spiritual organizations such as the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. and universities including Harvard, Brown and Yale.

An engaging, enlightening, informative and humorous talk show guest, Mark also performs readings for audience members and discusses a wide range of topics which include:

The Psychic Lawyer®

• Growing up in a Psychic Family The “Sixth Sense meets Everybody Loves Raymond!”
• When the Legal System and the Paranormal Collide Psychic Scams, “My house is haunted, can I sue?”
• Demonic Possession “The Devil Made Me Do It Defense” A legal analyst for high profile murder trials.
• Visiting Crime Scenes and Haunted Locations
• Criminology Understanding crimes and criminals and the cycle of “Grief-Crime-Grief.”

Inspirational and Healing

• Intuition as the Key to Your Success
• Evidence for the Afterlife
• Using Spirit Contact to Help Heal Grief
• The Scientific Theory behind Spirit Communication
• The Mysterious Psychic Gland

Seasonal and Cutting Edge

• The Haunted White House (President’s Day, Fourth of July and Halloween)
• Demystifying Superstition: The Truth behind 666 and Friday the 13th (Halloween, Friday 13th and April Fool’s Day)
• The True meaning of the Star of Bethlehem and the Gifts of the Magi (Christmas & Three King’s Day)
• The Symbolism of Christmas & Did Santa really come down the Chimney? (upbeat and fun for Christmas)
• Does Faith require Proof, and is the “Shroud of Turin” that Proof? (Easter)



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5/3/2013 The UFO Phenomenon with Robert Davis Phd

Posted by beyondtheedge on Monday, 11 of May , 2015 at 12:00 pm

This week Eric and Marie look to the heavens as we take a look at the UFO Phenomenon with Robert Davis Phd and author of The UFO Phenomenon.  Are you a believver in extra-terrestrial live and UFO’s?  Maybe after Sunday night you will believe!

About Robert:

Robert Davis, Ph.D is an internationally recognized scientist in his field, and served as a professor at the State University of New York for over 30 years.  He graduated with a B.A. and M.A. from the City University of New York and with a Ph.D in Hearing Science and Audiology from The Ohio State University. Dr. Davis has published over 40 articles in scholarly journals and several book chapters on various topics in clinical audiology, the effects of noise on hearing, and auditory neuroscience.  He has also lectured on these topics at national and international conferences and was awarded several major grants to fund research in the hearing sciences. His research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon convinced him that the phenomenon remains unresolved, is a source of considerable debate among millions worldwide, and is a very important concern unfortunately ignored by the general scientific community.  He advocates for the need to advance our understanding of the phenomenon through the development of a governance structure to provide the necessary leadership, direction, and related resource support, both human and fiscal, for a multidisciplinary team of leading scholars to study the phenomenon.

Dr. Davis has written a book on the UFO phenomenon, entitled The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?

Published by Schiffer Publishing (www.schifferbooks.com) available on Amazon in February 2015



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4/26/2015 Paranormal News and Discussion with Chris Nicastro

Posted by beyondtheedge on Tuesday, 28 of April , 2015 at 7:40 pm

This week the Paranormal News and Review returns to BTE Radio with one of our new Paranormal News Correspondents Chris Nicastro.

Chris will be reading the latest news headlines covering a variety of topics including Ghosts, Hauntings, UFO’s, Aliens, Cryptids and Creatures and more.  Eric and Marie will be joining in commenting and discussing the stories Chris delivers.

About Chris Nicastro

Chris hails from Gloucester (pronounced gloster) Massachusetts. Chris has always been interested in anything paranormal since childhood, and has always been able to “sense” different energies growing up. While getting a psychic reading was told he had the gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, was an empath but his greatest gift will be healing others. Chris started taking various classes in 2006 which included developing intuitive gifts, aura visualization and Chakra clearing. In 2007 starting taking Usui Reiki healing classes and by 2009 attained his Usui Reiki Master/Teacher certification. While practicing Reiki, Chris discovered he could use crystals for various healings. In 2010 he started doing Angel card readings and starting performing house clearings, which involve removing negative energies/spirits from locations. Also a member ( NEG) New England Ghost which is a paranormal investigation team that works throughout New England, US, Canada and parts of Europe.

Check out Chris’s facebook page –


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4/19/2015 BTE Radio’s Creature Features with guest Sharon Day

Posted by beyondtheedge on Wednesday, 22 of April , 2015 at 1:21 am

This week, Eric and Marie are joined by Creature Feature new co-host Karyn Dolan as we kick off our premier episode of BTE Creature Features and welcome our very first guest Sharon Day.

Once a month, BTE Radio will present Creature Features. It will be an episode in which we discuss cryptids, creatures, monsters, strange animals and those who research and investigate them. Whether it’s crypto news, or the creatures themselves, we’ll explore the mysteries of these yet unidentified cryptids.

This week we present Author, Blogger, Vlogger, and Paranormal Investigator Sharon Day.

Sharon is the blooger of Ghost Hunting Theories, she has written multiple books from fiction to non fiction. Sharon is a paranormal investigator who grew up in a Civil War field hospital where many unexplainable occurrences changed the course of my life. She spent her childhood digging up relics and helping her mother to uncover the history of the estate. A respect for man’s history, archaeology and a curiosity about the unexplained universe rule her passion for my study and my theories on her site Ghost Hunting Theories. The goal of the blog is to open minds and get people excited to seek that which they cannot explain.



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4/12/2015 Scott Walton BTE Radio’s Pop Culture Segment Host

Posted by beyondtheedge on Tuesday, 14 of April , 2015 at 7:23 pm

Due to our guest canceling because of illness, tonight Eric and I will be joined by our own BTE Radio’s Pop Culture Segment Host Scott Walton and we’ll be discussing the upcoming movies and television shows for the summer of 2015.
Scott is a stage and voice actor. Former owner of a comic store, cast member for the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival and will be appearing as an extra on tv and a movie as well coming out this year (watch closely, you may miss him). Scott tries to live life with trying to have the best stories at the end of his life. In the immortal words of Jimmy Buffett, I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead. He has also been entertained by all things sci fi and fantasy. He has so many fond memories of reading comics as a kid and is a bit of an evangelist in comics. Scott firmly believes that there is something for everyone in comics and tries to get new people to read all the time.    Scott is one of the new writers for the new blog Sector 3. Which covers a variety of entertainment topics such as comic books, horror,  sci fi and fantasy.  Scott will appear on the show every other month to update you on the latest in entertainment and pop culture news!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scott.walton1?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swalton7969


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4/5/2015 Open Mic Night/Call in

Posted by beyondtheedge on Monday, 6 of April , 2015 at 6:11 pm

Due to tonights guest cancelling due to illness, we invite you to tune in tonight for an open mic night on BTE Radio.  Eric and Marie will be reading the latest Paranormal news and taking your phone calls toll free at 1-877-677-2858 or 724-824-1494.  Join us in the chat room at http://www.para-x.com/live.htm or http://tunein.com/radio/Para-X-Radio-s84861/


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3/29/2015 who’s our Mystery Guest? Tune in to find out!

Posted by beyondtheedge on Tuesday, 31 of March , 2015 at 2:46 am

John Zaffis.mp3[/podcast]This week we shake things up a bit on the show.  Eric and Marie welcome a surprise mystery guest to the program.  

Our mystery guest has been investigating the paranormal for close to 40 years. With years of experience under his belt and a wealth of knowledge, our mystery guest has appeared on television, film, countless books, newspaper and magazine articles.  He is well known and well respected by not only his peers but by anyone he has helped or worked with over the past four decades.   He’s a collector of sorts and remains very busy dividing his time between his family, investigating the paranormal, countless appearances, helping others in need, and lecturing at events across the country. 

Our mystery guest has appeared on BTE Radio multiple times and we are thrilled to have him joining us once again.   Eric’s niece Hunter Brinker will be guest Co-hosting with Eric and Marie for this upcoming show that is proving to be not only a fun and entertaining time but a very educational episode.  

To find out who our mystery guest is, you’ll have to tune in this Sunday night 8 to 10 pm Est.  See you then! 



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3/22/2015 John Kirk III Cryptozoologist and Author

Posted by beyondtheedge on Monday, 23 of March , 2015 at 6:03 pm

Eric and Marie don the Safari helmuts, the hiking boots and gather our passports as we go exploring this week with our guest John Kirk III of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club.

The author of the award-winning book In the Domain of the Lake Monsters, John Kirk is one of the world’s leading cryptozoological investigators. As president of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club (BCSCC), John is part of a team of investigators that have searched for cryptids such as Ogopogo, Sasquatch, Cadborosaurus, black alligators, unknown cameloids, lacustrean cryptids and giant salamanders in the province of British Columbia.

The club is scientifically based with a large portion consisting of open-minded academics who feel the existence of new species of animals lying undiscovered is not such a farfetched idea. John is also Editor and Publisher of the BCSCC Quarterly well-known for its balanced approached to the enigma of mystery animals and also author of the club website.

John has ventured far afield in his quest for evidence for the mystery animals of the world in many areas of the world including Scotland, the Republic of Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo. In 2001 and one John was part of the Cryptosafari team which investigated reports of an animal called Mokele Mbembe which bears an uncanny resemblance to a sauropod dinosaur. While on this expedition the Cryptosafari team unearthed the first reports of a manlike creature standing over six feet tall, with three toes and fingers which in habits the Cameroon-Congo border region known to locals as the Dodu. Another mystery animal, the Ngoubou, was also described and this animal has features consistent with those a styracosaurus, part of the family of ceratopsians said to have been extinguished from the planet millions of years ago.

In addition to his cryptozoological research, John is a keen student of police methodologies and investigation techniques which he feels are very useful in the field of cryptozoological research. Analyzing and then organizing clues and evidentiary materials is an important part of the cryptozoological method and John is keen to share this with other researchers in this field.

John has also extensively studied the musculature of the creature in the Patterson film and in 1999 was the first to report specifically on the substantial musculature differences between the creature and a human being which were detailed in the BCSCC Quarterly.

It is John’s hope that the day will come when cryptozoological researchers will be at the forefront of using technologies and equipment that are of the cutting edge variety in their search for cryptids.

British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club

the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club (B.C.S.C.C.)


So join us as we go deep into the brush looking for some of these elusive creatures with our guest John Kirk III This week on BTE Radio.


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3/15/2015 Jamie Davis and Sam Queen Haunted Asylums, Prisons and Sanitoriams

Posted by beyondtheedge on Monday, 23 of March , 2015 at 6:00 pm

This week Marie and Eric welcome Author Jamie Davis and Co-Author Sam Queen to discuss some of our favorite places we’d love to visit and investigate. Haunted Asylums, Prisons and Sanitoriums.

We’ll be talking about their book and discussing some of the more famous haunted locations like Alcatraz, Moundsville, Mandsfield Reformatory, Waverly Hills and more. It’s sure to be a hair raising adventure as we get set to explore these buildings that were host to tragedy and negative history.

“Haunted Asylums, Prisons and Sanitoriums” Explore frightening ghost stories and true paranormal encounters at ten well-known, haunted institutions across the United States. This unique collection of investigations is filled with terrifying photos, spooky highlights from on-site tours, and historical information about each location.

Jamie Davis is a writer, traveler, and investigator of lost things. She lives in Savannah, Georgia.

Sam Queen is a lifelong traveler and paranormal enthusiast. He had watched paranormal shows on television for years, but always wanted to know if what they presented as evidence was real. When Jamie presented him with the opportunity to go on a public ghost hunt, he jumped at the chance. They both became hooked after their initial ghost hunting experience. Sam received the validation that he was looking for from this (and subsequent investigations), that ghosts are real. Sam spends his free time jogging and hiking in the great outdoors.

Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums explores the country’s scariest institutions, including the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia Penitentiary, and St. Albans Sanatorium. Discover creepy conversations between the authors and restless spirits, interviews with facility staff and knowledgeable ghost hunters, and helpful tips gathered from each investigation. You’ll also enjoy an introduction to basic ghost hunting equipment and detailed information about organizing your own visits to these haunted establishments. 
To learn more about Jamie visit her website 



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